A varied diet adapted to individual needs is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. What you eat can have a huge impact on quality of life and physical performance, allowing you to train and recover better.
During the consultation, an analysis of body composition and assessment of nutritional status is carried out in order to establish an intervention plan, with clear goals according to personal objectives.
The intervention areas are varied and specific to each person.

black weight plate beside white sneakers
Sports performance

What to eat before, during and after training.

black and white measuring tape
Weight management

Lose fat mass or increase lean mass.

round white cup with saucer filled with red liquid
Healthy eating

How to optimize health and well-being through food.


My name is Rui Amaro and I am a nutritionist (4093N). Based in Lisbon, I am passionate about metabolism, body composi- tion and sports nutrition. Father and husband, adept at good food, I like to start the day early with exercise and active holidays. I am an advocate of creating good eating habits from an early age, because pre- vention is the best cure! Currently I dedicate myself to clinical and sports nutrition, with a special focus on combat sports, through the monitoring of several boxing and MMA competi- tion athletes. Additional training: Nutrition and Endurance (WellXProSchool).


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