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VITORIA’s members understood that in boxing there are situations that remind us of everyday working occurrences.

Many say that boxing helps them in their professional performance.

We are all involved in a professional reality that requires a lot of physical and mental investment. Vitoria proposes team building sessions to strengthen the feeling of a team and create connections between employees. This sport makes it possible to develop several vital aspects for companies such as concentration, achievement of goals, constancy at work, the ability to overcome their limits and the reduction of stress.


The introduction to boxing that we propose can surprise your team with an original and intense discovery. Created for everyone, it is a convivial and federative moment.

This discovery session does not need any technical prerequisites and takes place without direct contact between the participants. The accredited teacher ensures total security and everyone’s satisfaction.


  • Customer Service / Briefing (all equipment is provided).
  • 1h30 sports session of boxing discovery: assault techniques, intensity in bags and adrenaline in the ring.
  • Large wardrobes for changing clothes, sauna and shower (towels available).
  • Drinks and snacks at the end of the session.

Duration: 3h | Up to 12 people